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The Cloverleaf Villa is a paradise of serenity and happiness in the lap of beautiful nature. It offers you a luxurious and rich lifestyle experience with all the pampering facilities. The rooms are spacious and airy where you can relax. The advanced amenities at the Villa make your stay extra cozy and convenient in every aspect. Your privacy at the villa is well-guarded so that your family affair can be secured from the outside world, and is not bothered by any means.

The emerald meadow greens, flora, and fauna at the villa surroundings retreat your eyes, pamper your soul and body with its calmness and serenity. The chirping of birds adds melodious sound to your stay and creates mesmerizing memories. The outdoor landscape area is astonishingly amazing and offers you various games to play with your loved ones.

Moreover, the Cloverleaf Villa is spread in beautiful lush green landscaped gardens, which has designed to offer you stunning visual beauty while generating a strong sense of individuality, privacy, and calmness.

Come to experience a luxury lifestyle in the lap of lush.

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Brand New Property

The Cloverleaf Villa is a luxurious property that consists of 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a servant room, a kitchen, a mini bar, car parking, a gorgeous lawn, and a swimming pool.

Paddy Field View

Visiting The Cloverleaf Villa will be an advantage to you because it offers you serene time to spend in the paddy field with your loved ones.

Three Side Open

Three sides open fully furnished; The Cloverleaf Villa has constructed in a field of lush greens that offers you a panoramic view of mountains and greenery.

Mountain view

The Cloverleaf Villa allows you to witness the enchanting nature when clouds cuddle mountains. That view is a true bliss for the eyes.

A gorgeous place to enjoy your life
Come and stay in a gorgeous The Cloverleaf Villa and enjoy your life fullest leaving the city crowd, hassle-bustle and unbearable noise behind and indulge yourself into nature and make everything extraordinary and beautiful.

Fabulous Resort

The Cloverleaf makes a wonderful holiday or vacation gateway for families wanting to have some quality time in a private luxurious retreat. The modern yet peaceful resort makes your living pavilion, and the tropical garden compliments the colossal.

Infinity Pool

The resort feature includes a deluxe and cool swimming pool in it having relaxing furniture and pool equipment that makes the pool experience ethereal and perfect. Swim with your loved ones for hours and have a gala time.

Luxury Villa

Holidaying in the Villa nowadays has become a trend especially for those who seek peace and adventure. If you want to experience the whole new concept of holidaying in striking, alluring views with your family, then come to this wonderful villa and do experience lounging, swimming, tropical sips, drinks, and delicious food.


The Cloverleaf Villa is a traditional and modern 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with parking space, and this all makes it an ideal holiday home. The family who wants to stay in a charming location, then this private deluxe, may suit you for sure. The Villa is surrounded by mountains and seawater and gives you a postcard view. Its large playground encourages the sporty ones to dive into various sports such as badminton, cricket, indoor and outdoor tennis and so on.


The spacious and furnished rooms are veiled in precious and gorgeous fabrics to offer you an elegant and luxurious stay.


The Cloverleaf’s blissful package is high on quality, luxury and sense of serenity, which are worth valuable and match your standards.

24 / 7 SUPPORT

The team of The Cloverleaf assists you in your requirement and offers you round the clock facilities, services and support.

The Cloverleaf Villa

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Before you seal your deal with a Villa stay, do your research wisely and save more, stay comfortable.

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The Cloverleaf offers you the best collections of villas and resorts making sure you enjoy your vacations hassle-free with exceptional luxury and services.

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