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Goa the land of harmony and festivals

Goa, the harmonious land with breath-taking coastlines, meadow lush greens, and history. The state has a mixed population that celebrates religious, music, food, and dance festivals together. However, Goa is located in western India stretching along the Arabian Sea.

Goan history is glorious and world-famous. In this state, Portuguese, Dutch, and others had ruled once and their generation now living. While you are here, you will see the evidence of 17th-century churches, monuments, palaces, forts, etc.

Furthermore, Goa is famous for its beaches, tropical plantations, and parties, thus thousands of visitors fling from their country to enjoy the atmosphere of Goa. Many travelers book their Private Villas in Goa near the beaches so that they can experience the life of Goan.

Some of the beaches; Candolim, Baga, and Palolem are considered the best beaches to enjoy various water sports. Hence, Goa is a free-spirited land where people come to experience Goan festivals all-round the year.

Here is a bucket list of Festivals of Goa

Saptah Festival

This festival is a great tribute to those countless number of people who died centuries back due to the sickness and the spread of Vasco. The Saptah festival is celebrated in their remembrance. This day, people visit Damodar temple and take part in the rituals and seek a healthy life, blessing, and success. The festival is celebrated in August, which is held for a week.

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival is one of the most important and happening festivals, enjoyed by Goan. People this day take part in the carnival, wear vibrant colorful costumes. And, the entire Goa on carnival dazzles and looks divine. The roads and streets are decorated with colorful bulbs and other things. People play brilliant music in this event and come out to the street and dance freely. The view of this festival is soul inspiring. People are floating all over singing and dancing near merry, which is the main attraction of the festival.

Goa Carnival is celebrated during February, every year with other several events such as fancy-dress competition, dances, sawdust fight, prize distribution, and more.


Christmas is one of the most grandeur festivals, which is a celebration on 25th December every year during winter. It is a special month because this day, Jesus Christ took birth, and people from around the world celebrate it with great zeal. People decorate Christmas tree with colorful bulbs, gifts, and a unique miniature of Santa Claus and wear a red cap. This day, the entire world including Goa looks beautiful, and every nook and corner of the streets and state displays as an astonishingly beautiful picture.

Furthermore, at midnight, people wear traditional mass, eats delicious cake and tasty pudding, which is known as the great feast of Christmas.

Churches are decorated with Christmas trees, trinkets, Santa Claus, and more miniatures, which portrays the joyous celebration.

Grape Escapade

This festival is unique in every aspect. It is one of the most popular gourmet celebrations that grabs the eyeballs of the globe. This festival brings all the wine specialists from across the globe together to taste the varying flavors of grapes from Indian and abroad. If you also want to witness and enjoy this festival, then do come over here and taste wine and enjoy a dance performance, live music, fashion shows, and more.

That’s not all, the event organizer also throws ‘The Grape Escapade Queen’ content and the ‘Wine Stomping; session for all. These two events are the major highlights of this feast.

New Year

Every year on 31st December night, New Year is celebrated by the entire world. This day is celebrated to enjoy the past year and as well as welcomes New Year. Goa on this day looks like a beautiful maiden. The entire state enjoys music, dance, fun and frolic and do a countdown to welcome New Year like never before.

New Year in Goa is celebrated with church wells, throbbing drums, vibrant atmosphere to welcome the birth of a new year. Here, you are free to party all night or any time you prefer. This day, there are no restrictions at all.

However, dancing and singing are the essentials when something happens in Goa. This day, every Goan beats with merry. Visiting over here will give you enough things to witness, and you will be privileged by seeing these all. The life of typical Goan is filled with glamour celebrations and fun.

Food and culture festival

If you are a food lover and enjoys eating any type of cuisine, then you must visit Goa before Goa throws food and culture festival so that you can attend the fest. Goa celebrates the traditional food festival by making Goan fish, Portuguese Vindaloo, Goan curries, and more. This is the festival where you will find famous and top chefs, culinary experts, and homemakers serving delicious foods to you.

The festival also exhibits events for you to try your hand in culinary skills. However, visiting over here will give you immense happiness, because here you will get the opportunity to taste a variety of seafood, barbecues, rice, desserts, pasta and more.

Coconut and cashew fest

Wondering, what kind of fest is this? Well, it is the most exciting festival, which focuses on rare cuisines, concoctions, and rare arts. And, Cashew is another product that brings great revenues to the Goa and Goan people live.

In this festival, you are getting the opportunity to taste diverse and absolutely delicious cuisines and can also indulge in some of the most exciting activities and games such as coconut breaking, fenny tasting, cashew stomping, and enjoying exotic cocktails.


If you want to enjoy these all great festivals, then do not delay your vacation. Visiting this time may offer you great fun. However, on while you are in Goa on vacation, resting in Goa Villas, don’t miss out coconut and cashew festival at all. And, there are a lot of things to do in this fest—are—tasting cashew fenny, rice, Goan curries, meat-filled poi, and various seafood.


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