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Goa witness the liberal charm of monsoon

Goa - the state of charming Luxury Holiday Villas is no short of wonderful tourist sightseeing. Goa was once a strong Portugal colony with architectural buildings and colonial structures, but, today, the state has a mixed population of around 1.58 Million. However, the state has stretching its shorelines arms close to 100 km, and it takes pride on being one of the most visited and traveled beach destination in an entire India.

Goa is a celebrated beach destination, which is home to various enchanting beaches with golden and white sands. However, the state has a rich history, which attracts a wider range of travel enthusiasts, history buffs, adventure freaks all around the world. Over here, you can find travelers of all categories from liberal travelers, businessmen, honeymoon couples, etc.

Goa the monsoon destination

Furthermore, now Goa holds a prestigious feather to its cap, which is a monsoon destination. From June to September, the travel enthusiasts visit to witness Goa in bathing under the rain that brings new life to the entire state.

Goa during monsoon become paradise and its gorgeous lush greenery smiles fullest and the state smells delicious with traditional flavors of famous cuisines and spices. With the unpredictable monsoon, it can rain heavily for days or may prefer to stay dry, but over here, the frequency of rain will never disturb you, while discovering or exploring the Goan culture, tradition, lifestyle, food, forts and more.

You may think that during monsoon, Goa may remain deserted, yes, it is, but you should make the most of your outing to the villages so that, you can experience life while enjoying delicious cuisines staying in beach villas in goa at unbelievable discounts surrounded by greenery and mountains.

Where to stay in Goa

The Luxury Holiday Villas in Goa and The Cloverleaf Villa offer you a wide range of beautiful, spacious villa stay in a charming location close to the beaches. The villa is three-side open, mountain -facing comes with a big living room, dining, bedroom, bar, kitchen, swimming pool, etc.

All the rooms are spacious, cozy and completely furnished with modern furniture such as television screens, Wi-Fi, private garden, clubhouse, air conditioning, spa, and all other amenities, which will completely make you feel the coziness of luxurious lifestyle. Over the private pool, you can take dip day and night and can enjoy the breath-taking view of mountain and greenery.

That’s not all, you can also host a barbeque party outdoor with your loved ones, friends, and relatives while experiencing the most beautiful and lovely sunset.

The villa also offers you 24*7 hours of housekeeping staff, security, and power backup so that you can enjoy the round of clock. Your stay at The Cloverleaf Villa and luxurious homes are beyond safe.

Top things to experience while you are here during monsoon

Mollem National Park

If you are thinking that visiting for sightseeing in Goa during monsoon is a great fall, then you are mistaken, because this time nature smiles the most and it looks so breath-taking. So, visiting Wildlife sanctuaries in Goa’s one of the most famous Cotigao wildlife sanctuary and the Mollem National Park will give you tremendous feeling. However, over here, you can enjoy the safari as well. The Bondla Sanctuary offers you a deer safari and mini zoo.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa. It pours cascading water down from a great height. It remains crowded because it is the most favorite tourist spot and people love to visit here and do trekking. however, if you like to avoid tourists and still want to visit Dudhsagar falls, then monsoon is the best time.

Near it, you will find the Tambdi Sula waterfall and Bhagwan Mahavir National Park, and visiting these wonderful places will give you immense peace and happiness. However, over here, you can also visit the oldest temple of Goa named the Mahadev temple.

At this time, Mangeli waterfalls remain its full glory and charm.

Boat cruise

However, if you like to enjoy a boat cruise, then you must visit the Sahakari Spice Farm and the Savoi Plantation so that you can try your hands in a plantation during monsoon. The spice farm charms fullest and the greenery surrounded looks enchanting and give your soul a perfect place to relax. The aroma of the spices is so wonderful.

However, you can enjoy a boat cruise in the gushing Mandovi river from Panjim. It is one of the most exciting and captivating activities in Goa to enjoy during monsoon.

The Fontainhas Latin Quarter

Fontainhas is an enchanting old Latin Quarter, situated in Panjim, the capital city of Goa. It still maintains its Portuguese influence and great architecture.

However, the entire place reminds the lifestyle of Old Portuguese homes with bakeries, quaint shops, restaurants, narrow and picturesque lanes, and streets and galleries.

Rent a scooter and witness the glory of Goa

Meanwhile, if you want to witness the glory of this place, then you must rent a scooter and drive through the rainy streets and lanes of Goa so that you can feel the gentle breeze brushing your face. During monsoon, the roads, streets are remaining less crowded and clean.

You can also celebrate yourself at the Bonderam festival, Chikhal Kalo, Cucumber Feast, and Feast of Sao Joao.

Nightlife in Goa during monsoon

Goa’s nightlife is so famous and you must not miss it especially when you are in Goa during monsoon. Visit Baga Beach’s Cape Town Café and Tito’s Mambo’s and rock. And, enjoy the live music and DJ with delicious cuisines and drinks.


In this article, you got to know about all the things which you can experience during your visit to Goa in monsoon. So, get ready to have some me-time at Goa. Book your Goa villa and enjoy!


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