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Nature wonders and wildlife sanctuaries in Goa

Are you the nature and wildlife admirer? If so, then you must visit Goa for wildlife sanctuaries and safaris. Nature lovers find Goa a wonderful and interesting place to visit to gain awareness on wildlife and natural wonders such as—lakes, falls, trees, plants, birds, and so on. However, the mysterious and majestic forest with tough terrains with clear streams serves as the homiest place for the rare wild creatures in Goa.

Monsoon is considered the best season for wandering in sanctuaries to witness the wild animals because, during this zenith, the jungle looks astonishingly beautiful, this season brings out colorful flora and fauna and lush greenery, and the cascading lake seems so appealing.

Meanwhile, if you are planning your trek to Goa’s wildlife sanctuaries, then you must book your accommodation in the Goa Villas so that you can roam around without freaking.

Wildlife sanctuaries in Goa

Here are some of the topmost wildlife sanctuaries to visit in Goa-

Molem Wildlife Sanctuary

Molem Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, which is the biggest and largest sanctuary in town. The sanctuary is situated in the Sanguem region and it is home to Panther, Deer, Leopard, Bengal Tiger, Civet, Wild Boar, and Bonnet Macaque. Over this sanctuary, you can spot all wildlife very easily.

However, if you like bird watching, then it is one of the most beautiful spots to witness boasts of a variety of birds. Some of the bird species are—Kingfisher, Golden Oriole, Wagtails, Drongo, and Hornbill. So, be prepared to visit and wander in the jungle. You can also take a safari ride to explore the thick forest.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the foothills of the Western Ghats, which is accessible comfortably. It is the smallest sanctuary in Goa, stretching around 8 sq.km. It is far away from the coastal region of Ponda and is home to loveliest wild creatures such as Indian Bison, Sambar Deer, Indian Peafowl, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Snakes, and Deer. Over this sanctuary, there is a variety of bird species including Hornbill and Woodpecker.

The authority of the Sanctuary also offers its tourists with eco-tourism cottages, and one can explore the sanctuary freely. It has also a Deer Park, Zoological Park, Rose Garden, and Botanical Garden.

Apart from watching animals and birds, you can go for trekking through the reserve and can enjoy the wonderful and peaceful insight of sanctuary. It opens from 9 to 5 for the public every day except Thursday.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary named Cotigao is situated in the Canacona Taluka in the South Goa, which stretched over 105 sq.km. This enormous park is a paradise for nature lovers. It is surrounded by the deciduous trees where you can witness Nuthatch, Flying Woodpecker, and more. However, the unique highlight of the Cotigao Sanctuary is the 25m watchtower, placed atop the thick trees, balancing quite well. It offers you an enchanting view of the waterhole, which is the most visited spot of wildlife creatures.

If you are the bravest heart, then you can stay in this sanctuary and enjoy each moment over here.

Netravali wildlife sanctuary

Netravalli wildlife sanctuary is the newest addition to Goa and its tourist destinations. However, the sanctuary got its name from Netravali, a tributary of the Zuari River. With fascinating jungle cover and moist deciduous trees, Netravali is home to so many wildlife such as Giant Squirrels, Panthers, Tree Toad, Cobras, Hornbills, and more.

Over this sanctuary, you can witness a variety of beautiful butterflies such as Black Rajah, Gaudy Baron, Tree Nymph, etc. The list of nature creates is not finished here. The sanctuary also has bird species like Bulbul, Pigeon, Hornbill, and more. The forest also has streams and cascading waterfalls that look panoramic.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located near Valpoi town and has Royal Bengal Tigers in the most numbers. If you are an animal lover, then this is the must-visit sanctuary for you. Over here, you can spot; Indian Gaur, Barking Deer, Sambhar Deer, Ruddy Mongoose, Civet, Langur, Black Panther, Sloth Bear, Dhole, Mouse Deer, Jungle Cat, Pangolin and Slender Loris. It is also a home to different birds and has been awarded as an International Bird area.

So, do visit by arranging your stay in the Goa villas.


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