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Undisclosed facts about Goa

The tropical land of Goa has so much to discover. We know you must be thinking, that while you were there or planning to be there with a list of all Goa tourist destinations to witness. You didn’t get to know about the facts. However, let us tell you that the tiny state has so many undisclosed and unknown places to visit, and your list is still unfinished. Furthermore, Goa is the smallest state of India situated on the southwestern coast of the Arabian Sea. The state is located within the region called the Konkan, which is separated from the Deccan highlands through the Western Ghats. Although, it is surrounded by the neighboring states—Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the south and east. Additionally, Goa is the fourth-smallest state by the number of populations.

In consequence, the state has numerous undiscovered and interesting facts that will surely leave you stunned after reading this article. However, you must be all aware of the fact that Goa is a Portuguese settlement, where you can find people living a standard life. With no further delay, let's narrate some of the bewildering facts of Goa.

So, whenever you are staying in one of the best beach villas in goa don’t forget to roam entire tropical land without missing anything.

Body of St. Francis Xavier

While you are in Goa on vacation, must visit the church of Basilica of Bom Jesus. Visiting this church will offer you the opportunity to witness ‘Lord of Goa’ St. Francis Xavier’s non-decomposed body. It is well-preserved in a glass casing. However, he fondly is known as the Lord of the tropical land among the locals. Thus, the church has been listed as a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO. That is why, it’s a worth visiting place during your tour to India, especially Goa.

However, every 3rd December, the church celebrates a non-feet kissing Saints Day in Goa to tribute the contribution of St. Francis Xavier.

Bars in Goa

Goa—the party hub has an astonishing number of licensed night bars and that exceed around 7000 in total. If the unlicensed bars are included in the number, then you will make your head swirl in wonder. Over this tiny state, tourists from around the globe visit to enjoy Goan life and parties, festivals, nightlife, and consuming tons of drinks and Goan cuisines. If you don’t know that why travelers visit this tropical state so frequently, then let us tell you that it is the liquor capital of India where you will be welcomed with a variety of booze at cheap rates. You can indulge yourself in drinking all night long in Goa with few restrictions unlike other places in an entire nation.

Goa official languages

If you are scratching your head reading this subtitle ‘Goa official languages’, then let us help you with an answer. Well, Goa is the only state in entire India with having two official languages—Marathi and Konkani. And, Goans are the only nationals in the globe with having two passports. They can hold an Indian and Portuguese passport together. Isn’t the fact amazing?

The largest church in Asia

The St. Cathedral Church is the biggest in Asia. It consists of eight chapels stretching for about 250 by a length in total and 181ft by breadth. However, if you want to witness the largest church in Asia, then you must visit Goa.

Richest state

The tropical land has the highest income having GDP per capita among all Indian states, thanks to the booming tourist industry. The state counted as the top-ranked place state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its best quality of life and infrastructure in India by the National Commission on population based on the 12 indicators. This greenest land buzzes with thousands of tourists throughout the year making the per capita income of the nationals of Goa the highest in India. Every Goan enjoys a comfortable life in luxurious homes.

Mineral Ore Exports

Mineral Ore Exports was established in the 16th century in the tropical state Goa. Laterite has found tons of mineral and natural materials such as manganese ore, iron, magnesia, clay, bauxite, and limestone. From Goa, these minerals are supplied throughout India.

Asia’s only Naval Museum

National Museum Naval Aviation is the only Asian museum situated in Goa, India. If you want to know about India’s Naval, then this the best place to visit and learn about Naval’s history. Over here, you can get the opportunity to witness the giant ship Lockheed Super Constellation.

Apart from a giant ship, you can also witness the first naval aircraft of India. In the museum, you will be also able to see various Aircraft, jet trainers, helicopters, and other famous naval aircraft, which are displayed in the museum proudly. However, it is the house of the armament disclosure that displays the past and being used ammunition in the present.

Forest Density

If you are a nature lover and like to admire natural wonder then you must visit Goa to witness meadow lush greenery and forest density and wildlife. However, in the forest, there are 275 varieties of birds and countless wildlife lives such as reptiles and other animals live in the Western Ghats. This ecosystem is giant and encourages nature lovers, travelers, and wanderers to visit.

Olive Ridley Turtles

If you want to witness Olive Ridley Turtles during your visit to Goa, then do visit in Morjim. On this spot, Olive Ridley Turtles are found and hatch their eggs and return back to the sea.


By reading this article, you may have collected enough information about Goa and its undiscovered facts and gems. Apart from these listed above destinations, you can also visit at the Asia’s first Floating Casino, Olive Ridley Turtles, and Uniform Civil Code. Meanwhile, traveling India needs an Indian visa. However, before your journey, make sure to book one of the best luxury villas in goa for rent.


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