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Visit Goa for ultimate tranquility and fun

Are you preparing your Goa trip to explore the spectacular and off-grid places? If so, then get ready to be awe-stricken by western India. Goa is an enchanting coastline, which is stretching along the Arabian Sea. However, it is the most loveable vacationer spot where tourists visit from across the world for seashore fun. The state is famous for ravishing nightlife parties, pubs, and beaches. Goa has been seen so must fine history, diverse culture, tradition, and rules of Portuguese. It is a place of tropical plantation. Visiting over here will take you to the Portuguese colonial period to 1961 to witness all the evidence of history when the Portuguese were ruling.

However, if you want to feel the ultimate tranquility in Goa, then must visit by booking your travel tickets and villa with a private pool so that you can experience the Goan lifestyle at best.

Here is some the most visited tourist destination in Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls are one of the India’s must-see tourist destinations in Goa, situated on the Goa-Karnataka border. The four-tiered waterfalls structure is considered one of the tallest structures in India and is situated on the Mandovi River. The view is spectacular, and the white-water cascades beautifully and makes visitors awe-struck because the fall comes down from a height around 1017 feet touching mountain face. However, if you want to visit this lovely place, then you are suggested to enter the national park, which is a part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. And, taking a van will be easy to allocate the falls.

However, if you are curious to roam the entire Dudhsagar, then you are suggested to join the Dudhsagar trek inside the park, which will take you to the waterfalls by trekking via Kulem and following the jeep trail. Another route to reach the waterfalls is a trek route from Castle Rock in Karnataka. Reaching Dudhsagar is not an easy task, but it is worth seeing after every effort put on.

The Church of Our Lady Immaculate Concept

This lovely church is one of the most frequented or visited places in Goa, which stands tall in the capital. It has had a long tryst in the past and was built in 1541. It is the most spiritual landmark in Goa and devotees visit here from all over the globe.

It is said that once old Portuguese sailors who crossed the perilous seas safely and easily landed at Goa and paid their first thanks at the Our Lady Immaculate Concept. However, the church is situated in Panaji with beautiful multi-colors interior that at once in peace.

However, if you want to visit this church, then you are suggested to visit in December because, during this month on the 8th, a feast is celebrated on the name of Our Lady of Immaculate Concept, which followed by Christmas and New Year.

Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula is a small beach, which has a tragic history of love and suicide. The beach offers plenty of activities to enjoy in terms of sightseeing water sports, etc., situated near the Arabian Sea. However, the beach is famous for its tragic history and it is believed that the ghost of Dona Paula comes out at night from the waves of the sea wearing only a necklace of pearl and searching for her love.

However, it is said that Dona Paula has committed suicide on the beach, and her, Cabo Raj Niwas, is another tourist destination, where the lovers and couples visit to see the great soul, who was in deep love with her lover. The myth is so powerful and draws thousands of eyeballs to the very place.

Apart from Dona Paula beach, you can visit the National Oceanography Institute, Reis Magos Church, and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. The party spot of Dona Paula is not much famous as the Baga beach because, at night, Baga beach glows so much as compared to Dona Paula beach. So, if you are looking for some me-time then you can visit Panaji to check out Dona Paula beach.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort was once a site of many battles, which was passed from the hands of Portuguese rulers to the Indians, was a commanding structure in history. However, the building which you see now was constructed in 1717. The fort was designed in such a manner that it looks as it rises on the banks of River Chapora. The fort demands paise for the idea, which was put. The features of the Chapora fort are dynamic as the battles demanded in the past.

Near it, there is a natural valley, which gives the path to the travelers to visit near the sea for sightseeing. The view from the Chapora fort is enchanting and breath-taking. The landscape is amazing and is best to sit and relax. The fort is huge and takes enough energy to walk, so you are suggested to bring your food and water so that you can roam the entire fort.


So, if you are curious to spend a weekend in Goa to witness the charming sightseeing such as picturesque landscapes, Calangute Beach- the Queen of Beaches, Forts, churches, night parties, and waterfalls, then you must book your Luxury Holiday Villas in Goa in advance, and we at The Cloverleaf Villa are one of the topmost villas in the state.

Make your plan and explore Goa!


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